26 February 2007


My apologies to anyone who's been checking the blog. This past week involved a fair bit of running around and sleeping a lot (the timezone shift finally caught up with me and knocked me over, I'm feeling a lot more rested now.) I've been pretty busy running around the markets at night shopping for household stuff so my apartment feels more like something I can live in.

I still don't have internet access at home so I check my mail at work and here, at a PC bang (room) near Busan Station. It's the first time in about 10 years that I haven't had seamless internet access. It's kind of a shock to be this disconnected; not that I can't get access from cafes but I'm not used to having it at my fingertips whenever I want. Next week I get my alien resident card and I'll be able to get my internet and satellite TV hooked up (DVDs are pretty cheap here but not cheap enough to watch all the time, satellite TV is $20/month or so and apparently it has a lot of English language programming.)

I have a bunch of photos and a list of posts to make (I've been keeping notes in my journal.) I'll try and post more often so that people don't have to imagine what horrible fate has befallen me. I still haven't gotten to the Canadian Consulate in Busan to register, first I had to find out what my street address was and get it translated into English, get my phone and now I have to trek out to another district to find the place (it's in the parking lot of a chemical plant or something, go figure.)

Juergen Ming will have my phone number and contact info should anyone need it.

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