26 February 2007

Learning languages

I've been making an effort to learn Korean this past couple of weeks and the teachers and students at school seem very impressed that I want to learn. They've been really helpful, too. One of the teachers makes me learn a few new words every day and helps me sort out my pronunciation. I can get to my apartment and a few other places I know by cab without any trouble and I know enough 'polite' Korean to say things like 'hello', 'good-bye', 'I don't understand', and 'thank you' in shops and markets. I need to figure out the numbers now so that I can ask how much things are and learn to haggle in the market.

Ironically, I may sign up for some French courses while I'm here. The Alliance Francaise is a few doors down from my school and they offer courses regularly. They told me that since I already know basic French I should be able to do the courses even though they're not taught in English. The language used in classes is mostly French, kinda like me teaching Korean kids English I guess. If I can find a German course here I may sign up for that, too. The language skills get rusty pretty quickly when you don't use them and if I plan to travel and teach they'll come in handy.


  1. Perhaps if you do the German one I could learn a few things ^_^ it's been so long i've probably forgotten what i knew anyway heh

  2. Gutes Gl├╝ck mit dem Deutschen!


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