05 February 2007

My first (Korean) haircut

I meant to get a haircut before I left Canada but just couldn't get the time to do it. I asked Tanya about it and she mentioned that a popular (and cheap!) place for men was "Blue Club". There happens to be one just down the hill from their apartment, so I decided I'd get a haircut on my way to work.

I peered around the corner of the doorframe trying to figure out which one of the shops was the barbershop. Young Korean woman came to the door and waved me in. I motinoned to my hair and said "Cut? Short?" She nearly laughed her ass off of course and nodded and called to someone in the back as she sat me in a chair. A young guy with a toolbelt full of scissors and combs came out and starts to cut my hair with the clippers. Now back home a haircut like I usually get takes about 10 or 15 minutes, sheared like a sheep and out the door. This experience felt more like I had given my head to an experienced woodcarver who was crafting a sculpture. All told it took about 35 minutes and he washed my hair after the haircut and it felt like a wet skull massage. Well worth the 7000W ($8) I paid.

On my way to school I stopped in the centre of town, Seomyeon, and bought some strudel-like pastries. While I was standing there eating, a police officer appeared in the door of the nearby police hut, motioned me inside and offered me a seat. There were two police watching television and they just saw me standing and eating and wanted me to sit. Very kind of them.

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