23 March 2007

Friday Day Off

I had today off because of something to do with teaching 20 days per month and there would be 21 days this month. I don't ask why much anymore, I just take everything at face value.

I skipped French class this morning (bad Rod!) to stay in bed and try to get rid of this cold that's been dogging me. I feel a lot better for the lazy day and I got my mountain of dishes washed into the bargain.

This evening I went down to my favourite outdoor shop in Busan, OKOutdoor in Nampo-dong (they're actually much better than OK, excellent service and good discounts on most things), to exchange a pair of hiking pants I bought. They were too big because they're American made and I'm used to grabbing the L or XL size for stuff made in Korea. I've never brought anything back to a store for exchange here so I had no idea how it would work when we can't speak each other's language but it was actually pretty straightforward with gesture and a few words of English. I wandered around Nampo-dong a bit and took a few photos and headed home.

On the way home I stopped in to talk to this astrologer guy, Hyun-sung, who sits in the pedestrian underpass near my place reading charts for people. I got him to do mine (I forgot to ask for the chart, doh) and for 5000 won (US$5) I got a one hour reading of my chart. It was really interesting. He took my name and the date and time of my birth did some kind of mathematical analysis on my name, examined my hands and then proceeded to look things up in a stack of other charts and write Chinese characters on my chart. This part took about a half-hour, after which he started looking up the things he had written in another set of charts and then proceeded to tell me all about me. It was uncannily accurate for someone who I've only met in passing once or twice to say hello to.

Tomorrow I'm off to Daegu by train with Chris and Tanya to make a trip to Costco. I'm mostly going just for the train trip and to see some more of Korea, I don't need 20 kgs of detergent or cheese just yet.


  1. Glad to hear that you got what I'm sure is a much-needed day off! Great pictures, keep 'em coming :)

  2. I think you gave me your cold.
    :-) How are you feeling? The pictures are great - the astrology guy looks like a character from Zelda. Your classroom seems very boardroom-like! Do you have the same students all day, or do the classes vary? What is the age range of your students? Are they grouped in same-age classes? How was the trip to Costco? Did you buy enough toilet paper to last you for your time in Korea? xo


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