08 March 2007

Internet Day!

I've been waiting for weeks to get my internet connection set up, I had to get my alien resident card first (it's a photo ID, citizens have a similar card and it's used the way we might use a driver's license as ID.) The school set up the appointment with Hanaro Telecom and I got a call early yesterday morning but the guy on the phone only spoke Korean and there was a lot of laughing and he hung up. He called back later and said something like "internet, 10 o'clock", I just said okay and waited. I got another call at 10:30 from a guy who spoke English fairly well but I had some difficulty telling him where I lived (Korean addresses are very different from the way western countries use them. The buildings don't necessarily follow any logical order. More on that later.) He said that he'd come by at 12:30, which sounded fine. At 1 o'clock I got another call telling me that "the equipment wasn't prepared" and that he'd call me today to set up a time.

So, hopefully I only have to wait a few more hours until I can post from the convenience of my own apartment. Like I've said before, it's kinda weird for a guy who's been sitting at a computer connected to the internet for 10 years to be suddenly disconnected (like a normal person :D ) Maybe it's healthy for me to have gone through this withdrawal, but it's definitely put a cramp in my posting frequency.

I have a couple of stories to tell about things that have happened this week, but I'll post them later tonight. Maybe even from my apartment!

I put a clock showing my local time in the sidebar (thanks for the idea, Robyn), if you click on it it'll open another page with weather and a pile of other information.


  1. Ah, I knew it... my brother is an alien. I guess Korean cable/telephone is much like Canada - they give you a day and you wait indefinately for them to show up!! Glad you'll be hooked up soon, I miss your emoticons!! xoxo

  2. As you may have guessed already, I still don't have an internet connection. Hanaro Telecom didn't contact me until a half-hour before I was supposed to go to work. In the meantime I'd already gone to KT (the competition) and signed up for phone and internet, they'll install it Monday (tomorrow).

  3. I love how they describe the last few days weather as 'chilly' and 'nippy' it was 3 or 4 degrees here yesterday and people were ready to break out the shorts -lol-

  4. Ja es wird mir sehr wohl sein wieder oft mit meinem Bruder zu reden. Du wirst arg vermisst auf dieser seite der Welt. Wie steht's so mit der Arbeit?

    Tschuess bis spaeter...


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