19 March 2007

Jirisan Trip

I'm back from the Jirisan overnighter. We didn't have enough time to do any real hiking but we did visit a lot of interesting places in a short period of time thanks to Simpson Joe's tourist wrangling experience. Pictures have been posted to flickr, so take a look.

We stayed at a traditional-style resort with authentic Korean houses. After a quick walk to Hwaomsa Temple we started eating and drinking and didn't stop until almost dawn. Lots of sam gyup sal and bulgogi stew, hamburgers and hot dogs and marshmallows.

It was really great to get out and meet some more of the other teachers who are over here. Hopefully, there'll be other trips in the weeks ahead.


  1. Sounds like you are having an awesome time. Keep travelling fella!! We want to hear about it.
    The Wickapedia links are very cool.

  2. great pictures! i'm so glad that you are enjoying the local culture and food, sounds like a great fit :)


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