17 April 2007

Day of the needles

My doctor back in Canada recommended that I get a vitamin B12 shot once a month a while ago, it's not critical, just recommended. I hadn't had one since November so I spoke to one of my adult students who's a doctor. He actually had the hospital pharmacy bring in stuff from Seoul or something. You can buy it in any pharmacy in Canada without a prescription. Vitamins and the like are expensive and unusual here.

So, anyway, I went to the hospital to get the injection, it's intramuscular which means I can't really give it to myself. When your muscles tense it's like trying to put a needle into a block of wood. The nurse gave me the shot in my butt and I just expected to hop up and walk away but then she started smacking me on the ass. To get the injection moving, I guess. I started laughing and in a few minutes half the nurses were rolling on the floor laughing, too. I look forward to my next shot.

Later the same day one of the kids came to class with a syringe loaded with liquid. (completely unrelated to my uproarious morning) On closer inspection the syringe had a steel needle at the tip. I removed the needle and gave it to the director, accompanied by much whining from the student. She'd bought this little item in a toy shop apparently and was really upset that she couldn't have the steel needle part. When I asked her why she said "It's not as scary.", to which I replied, "Exactly." At least the first needle of the day was funny.

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