02 May 2007

Tales from Texas Street #2

So, this morning I was walking back from school to take a quick nap and I walked by one of the Filipino sidewalk cafes at the bottom of Texas Street. There was a Korean guy, a Filipina, a blonde and a Russian guy talking in a mixture of Korean, Russian and English drinking pints. At10:00 am. They called me over and asked me where I was from and invited me to sit with them. I didn't sit because I feared where it might end up, too bad it wasn't Saturday morning instead, it could have been interesting. The blonde was Russian, I'm pretty sure she was a hooker but she looked a lot better than the usual hookers I see along Texas Street; she had really unusual yellow-green eyes. She took my hand and ran her finger along my palm and told me how nice it was to meet "beautiful English teacher in the morning". I begged off and said I had to go home and cook breakfast because I was pretty sure I was going to be offered some "free samples".

I might just run by there on Saturday and see who's around. I'd really like to sit around and talk with some of these bizarre characters.


  1. sounds like the beginning of one of those jokes that starts with..."a philipino, a Korean and a blonde were having coffee, and the Philipino says..."

  2. Hmmm...but how are we to judge the blonde...you know this requires a photo.../Borat's Voice/ ...yes...very nice...how much?

  3. Well, Texas Street is kind of a strange place. Imagine the cantina from the first Star Wars movie, but instead of aliens you have a bunch of people from all over the world. Well, we're still aliens but our ears and noses are almost normal and most of us are some shade of pink and brown.

    I don't have a photo of the blonde Russian but I do have a photo of a lady, Anna, who runs one of the Filipino cantinas making me a cheeseburger for breakfast... (to be posted later this weekend, along with a bunch of other much-delayed photo postings)


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