29 August 2007

A cool breeze

The temperatures here for the past 3 or 4 months have been hot enough to cook most Newfoundlanders alive. Daily highs range from 35-40 celsius with high humidity, if it weren't for the air conditioner in my apartment and at the school I'd have perished weeks ago. Plans for outings and dining are partly based on the selection of places with good "aircon". I've gotten somewhat used to it by now so the air conditioner is set at a chilly 25 celsius, I can see that when I go home to visit I'm going to be wearing winter gear in June.

Yesterday we had a bit of rain, not the torrential downpours that have occurred during the summer rainy season just a little lightning storm. The temperature dropped to an almost livable 25 celsius. I can wear long pants again without turning into a walking steambath!


  1. Holy crap...that's hot ...we get all steamed up when it gets over 25 here. Not that we get a lot of hot weather at all here any more!

  2. Tried to call you today but whenever I call I get a
    muffeled Korean group of men (or Korean radio). Odd...is your number still the same?

    If not, can you send me the new one please!

  3. Heh, long pants weather at 25 degrees? Didn't take you long to acclimatize, did it? :)


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