15 August 2007

Snowboarding, hiking and blogger truancy

Hey all,

I've been running around doing stuff outside in the hot, sticky summer air. I've been up and down Geumjeong mountain 5 times now. Geumjeong is the biggest mountain in the city and has some great scenery. I've been taking photos but my laptop crapped out and I have no easy way to upload them, I'll work something out.

On Monday my friend Seyoung (a lovely girl who shares my birthday) took me snowboarding at the new indoor ski hill. I never thought I'd enjoy seeing snow so much! Of course, snowboarding for the first time was a great laugh, I spent most of the morning on my ass. My buddy Duane told me that I should pad my tailbone to prevent some agony later. I didn't heed that advice but luckily I only landed badly a couple of times. The surprising thing is how stiff I was a couple of days later, I need more exercise than walking, I think.

This coming weekend I'm off to climb Jiri mountain with some buddies, I was supposed to go last weekend but I woke up at 0630 thinking that I was late for work and jumped in a cab and went there (not a first for me :) .) So, I missed the bus and didn't go. This week we leave on a Friday night and do an overnight hike. Should be a great trip!

Sorry for the infrequency of posts, I really should post more often but I've been running around like a mad thing the past couple of weeks. I'll get some more photos up soon, promise.

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  1. Rod, I'm visiting the MingEmbassy and we've been looking at your photos...which are awesome, and which make me sorely want to take a long trip. Great blog, glad you are enjoying your time there...just thought I'd leave a note to let you know we here thinking of you!


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