27 September 2007

Pinkeye and swearing

One of my adult students told me that both his sons have conjunctivitis. I remember hearing last week that there's a big epidemic of it in Busan right now. This means that within a matter of days I will have pinkeye. Y A Y! Working with kids is fun and interesting (not for everyone, I know, but I enjoy it) but catching every contagious disease that goes around gets old very quickly.

This morning I taught Kyang-eun the appropriate use of the expression "fuckin' A!" Kyang-eun is a riot, she looks very innocent but has a very dark humourous nature. She always wants to learn more about how to swear in English. I was going to write up a sheet on the usage and etymology of "fuck" but I was afraid (knew) that the kids would get hold of a copy of it.


  1. Listen to your mother: Wash your hands regularly and don't touch your eyes!

    And when will I get to see photos of all these wild women in your life?

    Hello to Chris & Tanya for me. It's been a long, long time (early nineties at a cabin near Blaketown I think).

  2. update update update

    also i have some pics up on facebook o this summers dig

  3. Oh Wandering Monk, Why are you standing still?


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