11 December 2007

Rainy December Day

It was warmish (~10C) and raining this morning in Busan. Kinda of like Newfoundland in early June. One of my adult students gave me a small bag of ddeok and told me about making Ddeok Guk, a kind of rice cake soup. I have lost all taste for anything fish-flavoured lately and wanted something different so I made some soup with ddeok, Korean instant beef stock, fresh spring onions, dried shitake mushrooms and frozen mandu. It was the best breakfast I've had in quite a while and perfect for a wet, grey day. There's a recipe for Mandu Ddeok Guk at My Korean Kitchen. Although I didn't follow the recipe, or even read it all before, my soup is very similar! Maybe I am becoming a Korean, as my director is fond of pointing out.

There are a few new photos posted to Flickr, descriptions, etc. will follow as time permits. I'll post an article or two about them later...

I've been thinking of building myself a hidey-hole somewhere. A little house to stick my books and junk in while I "wander up and down upon the earth". While Googling for "cabin building" info I found a link to this site with a freely downloadable PDF file that you can print to make a model of Thoreau's famous cabin at Walden. The site also has links to the Thoreau Reader, which has some good annotated versions of Thoreau's stuff.

Although I am admittedly a materialistic person (not in the sense of riches, but in the love of objects) one of my favourite personalities in history is Henry David Thoreau. There's a lot to be learned from his writing, even if you aren't the minimalist Trascendentalist he was. Have a look, go build your own shack, or for the more time restricted, download the PDF and build it on your office desk :D .


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