15 October 2008

Home and away

Today I had a class with a middle school student, her English nickname is Amy. She was my only student in the class so I decided we'd just do some free talking. Conversation tends to work better with her than structured lessons, she enjoys it more and talks a lot more.

We started talking about food (an ever popular topic) and I asked her what her favourite foreign food was. I expected the usual, Italian or Chinese.

She kind of surprised me when she responded, "Canadian food".
"But Canadian food is pretty much the same as what Americans eat", I said, "it's not really unique to Canada."
She smiled a funny, proud little smile, "I like moose meat."
I nearly fell off my chair. She made me instantly homesick for a moment.
Apparently, she has another Canadian teacher at her middle school and he gave the students moose.

Carry on, brother. Spread the love.


  1. mmm moose
    cant wait till i have some in the fridge!
    im actually thinking about doing the hunting safety course this winter and possibly getting a license :-o


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