18 January 2009


Last weekend I visited my friends Chris and Tanya here in Busan (they're from St. John's, but they've been here for about 8 years now)

They showed me yogurt that they made in their electric rice cooker. It was honest to God, real fresh yogurt. I tried it out this weekend and it was stupidly easy to make.

1) fill rice cooker pot with water and set it to "Warm" (NOT "Cook")
2) pour a small (100ml) bottle of active culture yogurt drink into a 1 litre plastic container and then top up with milk. Seal the container and drop it into the water in the cooker.
3) close the cooker and wait 12 hours.
4) turn off the cooker, let cool, drain, refrigerate and eat.

I haven't eaten it yet, it's still too warm. So this may be my last blog entry. ;)


  1. And?!? Was it good?

    And glad to see your posts again. :)

  2. Moll!! Jesus, it's been a while.

    Hope things are going well with you.

    The yogurt is awesome, I can't recommend it highly enough. It's way better than the store bought stuff.


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