28 April 2009

BBS Documentary

I've been watching a lot of movies from the Internet Archive. If you like old films and/or B-movies it's a treasure trove of goodies. The Archive also hosts tons of audio and textual material as well, it's a great resource for teachers, history buffs, classic movie fans, just about anyone really. Some of them are good, some are absolute crap and some are a strange mix of both. For anyone who needs to track down the content of a defunct website, their Wayback Machine offers an archive of old websites.

I've watched dozens of films from the archive and I recently started exploring the documentary films. There's a great documentary series: BBS: The Documentary (2005) about the history of the BBS. This is not the kind of thing that will interest you non-geeks but the technophiles out there might want to watch some of this, especially you older technophiles. *cough*Juergen*cough*DaveV*cough*

Here are my annontated Archive.org bookmarks.

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