13 June 2012

Bed Project (un)Finished

For the past few months I've been slowly building pieces of a new bed.  For several reasons -- limited space, noise, etc. -- I used only hand tools: chisels, brace and bit, planes and saws.  Every time I build something this way I learn something new and end up with something useful at the end of the process, almost as though the result of the project is just a bonus.

The frame is built of poplar wood with blind mortise and tenon joints, the side and centre rails use bed hooks and right-angle joiners (from the wonderful people at Lee Valley) so that the bed can be knocked down for moving.

The cleats and slats are laid in place and held in position by the web strapping stapled to the slats.  Each end slat and one in the centre are screwed to the side cleats to hold the whole assembly in place. 

It isn't sanded yet, I plan to sand and apply tung oil for the finish. I'm waiting until July so that we can put the pieces outside to dry.   The weather hasn't been very pleasant until now.

I've got a few more things to build but I haven't finished figuring out how I want to make them yet.  I approach woodworking the same way I approach cooking (and a lot of other things): read a few examples, find some material I like, make sure I've got the tools I need, and then juggle it all around in my head for a while until I understand it all.

I plan to build a knock-down trestle table and benches and a simple spice cabinet next, then maybe a jelly cupboard and a wall desk.  Somewhere in the middle I'll put together the pieces for a cat tower.

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