08 May 2017

Jamb Session

I hung a couple of french doors purchased used from the Re-Store.   The only real work with the doors was cutting the hinge gains to move the hinges on the door; I'll fill in the messy gaps later with epoxy wood-filler.

Once the doors were hung I tried to close them and *bonk*;  the jambs were badly set with the previous doors trimmed to fit.  Removed the door casing, stops and shims and knocked them out a bit with a big hammer and a block of wood.  After that I had to fill in the old latch holes with blocks of wood and glue, then cut new latch holes to match the pre-cut lockset holes in my used doors.

Now the basement looks less dungeon-ey.  One more door down there to close off a storage/work room.

The french door for the kitchen/back porch needed a bit more work.  The door was two inches too short for the frame, so I glued some pine to the bottom reinforced it with some dowelling and planed it flush with the surface of the door.  Aside from some barely-visible plane cuts due to overly aggressive planing, the door looks as good as any other.

We have a new textured glass door for the main bathroom, but that will have to wait until I cut the holes for the lockset.  I bet getting the protective plastic off the glass is going to be the hardest part of hanging that door.

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