30 January 2007

Maple Leaf Lounge

Woke up this morning, bought a razor and shaving cream to shave off three days of scruff so Korean immigration won't put me in a zoo. Washed out my nice, but filthy, shirt in the hotel sink and put on a tie. The hotel was spartan but clean, a basic room, fairly large, internet services in the lobby and a no-frills family restaurant. It felt good to get a decent night's sleep and a hot shower or two after the bizarre life of airport transitions the past couple of days. Man, did I ever feel like a bag of crap when I woke up, I need another day of sleep.

I took the shuttle to YVR and picked up my first-class ticket. They sent me through the "Executive Class Express Security Check-in" which took about twice as long as a regular check-in because there's only one station as opposed to four in the regular line.

I went to the Maple Leaf Lounge to see what all the fuss was about. They have free papers, snacks, noodles, beverages, beer, wine, liquor, lots of stuff. They also have internet terminals and printers. It's nice, kinda like a big internet cafe with free food and so on. I'm not sure how much better than a regular flight the first-class thing is, I mean you're still just sitting in a chair for the trip, but the lounge services are great if you have to spend a lot of time in airports. I'll have to see if you can get passes for just the lounge services.

I checked the departure board and noticed that my flight is delayed 15 minutes. Hopefully this won't mean a day of waiting in Incheon Airport before I can get to Pusan. I really do enjoy the journey but I'd like to get to Busan someday.


  1. Holy flurkings...what a trip...glad 2 hear that you are ok so far though! Can I link this on the MingDot?

  2. Ah, the Maple Leaf Lounge, ya gotta love the alcohol selection. I once passed out under a free draft beer tap - almost drowned! ;)


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