31 January 2007

Arrival in Busan

I'm in Busan now in a run-down yeogwan. Chris, Tanya and Susan met me at the airport, along with my recruiter. They brought me a couple of bags of groceries and said "Hello!" before taking off. They were going to offer me a place to stay with them if I was being put into a yeogwan. Mr. Joe told after we left the airport that I'd be in a "studio-room" until Saturday when I'd be moved into a new apartment.

Mr. Joe, the recruiter, took me to meet my co-worker and I found out a number of unexpected facts:
1) I will be the only native speaker at my school.
2) the accommodations are shared, not single accommodation as advertised.
3) the teacher I met will be my room-mate.
4) I have a single-entry visa, so unless I can get a new visa issued by immigration I can't leave the country and re-enter on this visa. I.E. no trips to see the neighbouring countries.
5) the work hours are not as previously advertised.

I'll find out more about this tomorrow when I can have a chat with Mr. Joe. To quote Jayne from Firefly, "I'm smelling a lot of 'if' coming off of this plan." Right now I'm going to get some sleep and meet my school director tomorrow.


  1. Well at least you've arrived safe and sound, Monk. I hope you get the rest sorted out to some sort of satisfactory level after you've caught up with your sleep. What hours are you now going to be working?

  2. Hmmm...well, is the co worker cute?
    Glad you arrived in one piece. So how was travelling 1st class????

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hey Monk

    Glad to see you arrived in one piece. Sounds like "reinterpretations of the expectations" are a common thing for these sorts of adventures. So glad you got your blog up and running - I look forward to hearing how this all turns out. Keep smiling :)

  5. Hey Monk, great to see up and blogging so quickly!


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