09 February 2007

Korean Snacks

Korean Snacks 008
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The cellphone that my recruiter loaned to me had a dead battery and I didn't have a charger. I found out from the secretary at school that convenience stores will quick-charge your cellphone for 1000 won.

As I waited for the phone to charge I perused the incredible array of snacks and beverages that a Busan convenience store has to offer. They had pantyhose, whisky, socks, beer, soju and every kind of snack you can imagine. Well, more than you can imagine, really. There are a few photos on the photostream in the 'Food' set.

Pictured here is a bag of onion rings that are a little like the ones we used to have in Canada. Not the sour cream and onion rings we get now. These are smooth and brown, but not as onion-y as the old ones we used to get. I'll have to add what the others taste like as I try them. I tried the onion rings and the 'Jerkey Jerkey', which tasted like something between old shoe leather, fish and corn twists. Yum. The others look a little less likely to disappoint.

You can also get a strange array of beverages here, including vitamin enriched soft drinks. I've been dosing myself with vitamin C, B12 and something else on the subway ride from work every day.

Gotta run, I'm off to do some shopping for a cellphone and various household doodads I need for my apartment.

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