11 February 2007

Shopping/Eating Spree

Ginseng Chicken Soup
Originally uploaded by gregarious_monk.

Went out yesterday and did a bunch of shopping at Mega Mart. It was a bit insane because it was Saturday but we managed to escape relatively unscathed. Mega Mart is another gigantic multi-floor department store with a decent selection of stuff.

I got pretty much all the basics to finish outfitting my apartment for living. Pots, pans, bedsheets, etc.

We ate out a couple of times yesterday, the first place was for sam gyup sal, grilled Korean pork belly. Maybe not really healthy but definitely excellent food. Later in the evening we went to a place in Seomyeon (the new downtown) and had Korean Ginseng Chicken soup. Big earthenware bowls containing a whole chicken stuffed with rice, chestnuts, ginseng and Chinese dates were brought to the table at a rolling boil. The soup was delicious and I actually felt a lot healthier after eating it. Maybe the healthy feeling was my imagination, but it was definitely good food.

I also picked up a Korean cellphone last night. I didn't get one of the itty-bitty folding, sliding, flipping phones. I wanted something one-piece and big enough to actually be able to dial a number without pressing 3 keys. I got the Samsung SPH-V9900, 6.9mm thick and 66 grams.


  1. rod,

    looks like your having a blast! Good to see your using the flickr pro account, I think i got my money's worth from the pictures so far :)

    i'm glad to see that you look much happier and are fitting in like a local. drop me a line or two when you get a chance, i'd like to hear about the tech districts. i have a feeling you could spend all of your day snapping pics in those little side streets.


    Dave V.

  2. Mmmhhhh food looks good! Really enjoy the daily updates from th eland of the morning sun. You are indeed the MingForeig Correspondent!



  3. I have to stop reading your blogs just before supper


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