01 February 2007


Yesterday was my first day at work. It was a longish day, I had no schedule, no teaching materials or lesson plans and not a clue. It went okay for something so disorganised, hopefully today will be more organised and I'll learn more as I go along.

I got a few complaints that I speak too fast with the children, but I guess that's to be expected for someone who's never taught kids before, let alone in an ESL setting. I have one adult student and I think I'll find the adults a bit easier.

I discussed the apartment situation with my recruiter (Kim 'n' Joe Recruiting) and they dealt with it as much as they could on their end. Normally a recruiter will only be involved until the job begins and then you're on your own. These folks actually make sure that the whole deal is good for you too. So, anyway, I'm moving into my own studio apartuh on Saturday, not sure where or what yet. Post and pics will be sometime Saturday evening.

I'm off to Pusan National University area tonight with the recruiter and a bunch of other foreign teachers, should be fun. I just hope I have enough energy to enjoy it by the end of the day.

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  1. Hi glad to see you arrived. Lionel and I were wondering if you had left.

    Lots of snow here, with rain and wind today. We are babysitting our grandchildren at the moment, Wendy and Doug are visiting from Halifax and are gone to a movie.

    Take care of yourself and I will keep checking for updates.


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