31 January 2007

Morning Calm

Korea is called the Land of the Morning Calm. I woke up this morning pretty calm even though my teaching contract is starting to look like it's pretty broken by the whole accommodations issue. The room was really cold but the flimsy looking Korean-style blankets (picture a thin duvet) were really warm. Not a bad night's sleep by comparison with the past few days.

I went for a long walk around the neighbourhood, had a look in a couple of shops. The Koreans on the street seem cautious but friendly, naturally, considering I was sort of dressed like a well-kitted out bag lady.

Last night at the airport Chris, Tanya and Susan handed me a couple of big bags of groceries. This was a bigger godsend than I could have imagined since this morning I'm in a place with no kitchen but managed a breakfast of instant mocha, mayo sandwiches and fruit. I feel like a king! Well, okay, I don't feel hungry and I'm alive and kicking. Good enough.

Luckily I packed my army gut wrench (knife/fork/spoon kit), a bowl and some chopsticks. I forgot my melmac mug though, so I'm drinking coffee out of a bowl today. :D Another godsend is this hijacked open wireless connection I'm hooking up to to post and surf. What is needed will be provided.

I'll post some pics later.

1 comment:

  1. Hey good pix. Glad to hear you had some munchies. Room looks pretty good...small I bet. But hey, no blood stains or even worse...!!!

    On our side:
    Sunny day...lots of snow and I just got your car towed to CC.

    We need to skype soon...how about around 2000 my time sometime...should make it 0830 your time I guess....?


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