21 April 2007

Bluegrass folky funk night at Moe's

I went to Moe's Restaurant (it's actually a bar, don't ask, I don't know why either.) to hear my friend Amy's husband, Paul, play some funk music. It was an interesting lineup of three bands. The first band was a seven-piece bluegrass band, then there was a sort of folky-jazzy duet and then some reggae-inspired funk. All three bands were great! I think I need to get out of my neighbourhood more often to do stuff.

Last week I went to my director's husband's restaurant in Gwangalli Beach. It's a pretty fashionable spot and they tried out some new menu items on us. There was a pop band playing. They were pretty good, not really my taste in music but good nonetheless. They wanted us to clap while they were playing one of the songs, one with a double-clap and then pause, double-clap then pause. For some reason the Korean ladies I was with couldn't do this. They could do a simple single clap in time with a beat, but they saw me do the double-clap, tried it and it all ended in gales of laughter because they couldn't do it. Very weird.

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