23 May 2007

Flickr updates

Hi all, sorry for not being more than a once per week blogger lately (I've been scolded Korean-style for posting too infrequently :D ). I've been running around a fair bit. Just to show you what I've been doing while AFK (away from the keyboard for you non-geeks,) I've posted the last weeks worth of photos. There's cooking, shopping, and strange food.

I also have a bad video clip to upload and some more posts tomorrow and the next few days. I have a five day holiday 'cause it's Buddha's birthday!


  1. for some reason flickr wont load for me :-s ...i'll try again tomorrow

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Dammit, didn't mean to delete my last comment. Anyhow, keep on posting...especially pictures... I absolutely loved your classroom artwork of the tooth fairy, heh ("Now children, pay attention, you lose a tooth and you DIE") heehee.


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