27 May 2007

Last week I had dinner with the family of one of my adult students. It was delicious and informative, I now have some Korean cooking secrets. I also ate octopus stew, a fiery conconction with lots of octopus. I couldn't taste any octopsus because it was overpowered by the liberal use of chilis and chili sauce, as is usual with most Korean cooking.

So this week has been pretty good. I went to my backcracker on Wednesday morning and he tied me into a knot (literally) My back actually made a popping noise and now it feels pretty good. This doctor must have been a pro wrestler at some point.

Someone from Fast Company magazine contacted me about using one of my photos, the photo of a toilet paper vending machine. They're doing a story on weird vending machines.

The bill for my visits was about $24US per visit, except my last visit on Saturday, which only cost $4US. I think that was because he didn't do anything except advise me to keep doing posture exercises and I'd be fine. The expensive visits must have included his dues for the Extreme Doctors Wrestling Federation or something.

Friday night I was scolded by proxy by my landlady for throwing out too much food. I buy vegetables at the open air market and they aren't always the freshest and it costs about the same as buying one-thrid the amount in the supermarket (su-puh.) I guess I'll buy less for the same money at the supermarket but the veggies are fresher sometimes. Then I won't have to throw out so much (it goes bad before I can eat it all.)

Saturday I went out to the Pusan National University neighbourhood in the north part of the city. There were a few bands playing at the foreigner bars and I met a few nice folks. I ran into Tom Mrovewski, a grad student I've met at Bitter's back home. It's pretty bizarre meeting someone you know completely by chance in a bar on the other side of the planet. The bands playing were really good and the last band I listened to played funk, reggae and ska music. AWESOME!

Today I found the United Seamen's Society, a place which I'd heard about a few times but thought was on the opposite side of the city. Naturally, it's about a ten minute walk from my apartment. I'd been told wild tales about cheap, decent Western style food and assumed that they were exaggerations. I had a bacon and cheese burger the size of my head for about $5US. They also have steak and lobster for a lot less than you'd pay for it in most places in Busan.

The only active plan for this week is to build (or at least start) a bed frame. I bought some lumber for the legs this Friday, now I need to find something suitable to make the side rails. There will be photos.

I should really put more photos in these posts but I've found my internet access a bit slow these past two weeks. Perhaps it's the continuous activity of the software I use instead of television. I'll have to see about getting a new computer, I think.

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