19 December 2007

Ever decreasing circles

I'm about ready for bed, it's already too late. I just finished watching the show Medium on Fox Korea. It's about a psychic who helps the DA solve crimes. So anyway, I thought for a moment about my impending end of contract (hopefully subject to an extension) and about life in Busan and life in my neighbourhood in general. I recalled watching the movie Chingu a year or so before I came here, it's actually set in the neighbourhood I work in now. I changed channels and, oddly enough, it happened to be playing and the next scene was of a guy singing My Way in a noraebang. Then I remembered the first night that the teachers took me out for a welcoming party we went to a noraebang and I sang two songs: My Way and Play that Funky Music. Just a little odd.

Something else a bit unusual about this film is that they speak a dialect of Korean local to Busan and general Korean audiences needed subtitles to understand some of the dialogue. I keep joking to friends that I'm learning Busanese dialect so that when I speak Korean they'll know where I'm from. :D

1 comment:

  1. Merry Christmas, dude.
    Wish I could be there with you. You ain't missing much here.


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