03 February 2008

Winter Blahs

Haven't posted in about a month, I've been doing my usual winter hibernation thing. I think I need to live somewhere where it's summer all the time. I hate the sleepiness I seem to live with all winter.

So this weekend my neighbour Lynn and I checked out the Tiger Cafe, a Russian restaurant on Texas Street. It was "interesting", the coffee was really good, Lynn ordered pork-stuffed cabbage rolls (they were HUGE) and I had my first-ever taste of borscht. Lynn and I seemed to both have the opinion that borscht would be some kind of strange experience, but I thought it was pretty tasty; beets, cabbage and pork with a dollop or sour cream, pretty tasty! There was a little menu in English and a Russian menu of about 6 pages, the English menu only had about 4 or 5 dishes but the one in Cyrillic had about 30 or 40. Must learn Russian next year.

Tonight I showed Lynn a little coffee place in Nampo-dong where I go to hide from the crowd. The nice lady who owns it is always very pleasant. Her son attends university in the US and he sends here things from time to time. Tonight she had a box of flavoured Quaker instant oatmeal on the shelf and I've been craving the stuff for a few weeks now (yeah, I know, it's weird.) Anyway, she saw me shwoing it to Lynn and she opened it and gave me a couple of packs. I gotta remember to bring her something nice when I come back from Canada.

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  1. I was beginning to wonder what had happened to the monk. I'm currently going through the same winter fatigue. Not enough sunlight or something i guess... On that note, you should watch the movie sunshine if you haven't already. Hope you had a good birthday dude.


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