20 February 2008

It's spring and the sap is rising...

So in the interest of gracing this planet with my existence for a few years longer I've decided to repent of some of my wicked ways. My bad habits aren't what you'd call extreme but lately I've been feeling a bit run down. Step one is curbing my terrible long-standing sleeping hours. Almost non-existent. I have been habitually going to bed at 3 a.m. for so long that it's the time that my internal clock has set itself to, making it very difficult to reset myself to a normal daily routine. I don't have circadian rhythms so much as circadian syncopation, everything seems a little out of phase, almost, but not quite, somnambulistic.

After that I'll have to give up my other nasty habits. Which I won't enumerate here for fear of harming the kiddies. I will say that I've been working on this for a while now and though I haven't exactly succeeded, I haven't given up trying either. Who knew what a fight it would be to do something that you know is only going to be really good for you.

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