01 April 2008

What's Monk Been Doing?

Well, I know that some of you still look here now and again, so you must be wondering what I've been doing the past while.

The short answer is "not much". Well, nothing crazy, anyway. I have gone out to dinner a few times. Galbi with Captain Im, a great guy who attends my adult classes in the mornings. He's invited me out for dinner with his family a couple of times, a couple of weeks ago we went out for galbi (barbecued marinated beef short ribs) that is possibly some of the best barbecue I've ever tasted. Seyoung took me out for samgyeopsal this weekend past, we always have a good time. She also made me a tasty pound cake and some banana bread. She started a teaching job a couple of weeks ago and she bakes when she gets stressed out, lucky for me :D

I think that Korean barbecue is possibly my favourite style of dining. Everyone sits around a little tabletop grill and cooks little pieces of marinated meat or seafood. There are endless little dishes of, well, side-dishes (banchan) and everything is shared. Awesomely friendly, usually lively and often involving lots of drinking. I recommend it highly. Maybe in a few years when I settle down somewhere I'll open my own galbi house.

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  1. lookin' forward to havin' ya back in da hometown boyeeee!



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