11 May 2008

Home for a rest

I've been home for about ten days now and I'm getting a good bit of rest. I've quit smoking and given up drinking altogether (except for the odd glass of wine) and I've been getting lots of sleep and eating better. Now if the weather would cooperate just a little I'd be out doing some fishing and hiking.

Looks like I'll have to suck it up and go out in the 5c wind and rain though if I'm going to get my requisite fresh air and exercise. Ah well, I've still got 40 days or so to go.

The flight over wasn't too bad, I dosed myself with Gravol and slept through most of it. The worst part of the trip was my 8 hour layover in Pearson Airport. Don't ask me why, 'cause I can't really put my finger on it, but I think Pearson is the most sterile and inhuman feeling airport I've ever been in. Plus Ialways seem to have the longest layovers there. I think that Air Canada and Pearson Airport are likely owned by the devil to give living Canadians a tate of what Hell must be like: unannounced delays and cancellations and long dull periods of waiting, at least fire and brimstone would be a bit festive and interesting.

I stayed at 'Juergen's' for a few days before taking the bus out here to Comfort Cove. The bus ride out was like 6 hours of unintentional massage, I don't think that wheel-balancing is on the menu at the bus service depot for DRL coachlines.

My plans were momentarily disrupted by a planned two weeks of housesitting for Juergen suddenly being cancelled without warning. Fortunately it wasn't too late to take Will and Julie up on a week of housesitting I had turned down earlier. I'll head back to St. John's on Tuesday to pick up my gear and move it over to Will's place for a week or two with some hiking and fishing on the agenda. So, I have a place to stay in town for a week or so, a couple of fishing trips to look forward to and hopefully a couple of overnights when the weather turns warmer. My cousin Byron and I have planned some boating and fishing here around Comfort Cove in June when I come back up.

Last night Byron and I toasted some of his dried capelin over a fire in the yard. I'll have to take a bag or two back to Korea when I go, along with some other Newfoundland produce like blueberry wine and such rarities.

That's enough blather for now. That's pretty much all the news I've got. Stuff is status quo, I'm getting a bunch of rest, acting and feeling healthier and planning some much needed roaming and fishing.


  1. Rod,

    Give me a call when possible, I would love to catch up!




  2. Are you going back to Korea ? (Nice to meet you !)

  3. Hi JoJo, I loved your story about playing Go with the fishermen! I'm heading back to Korea in a couple of weeks. I like Korea, I think I like it because I like being immersed in a culture that I'm only slowly beginning to know.


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