27 July 2008

Hmmm, cobwebs...

Wow, I hadn't realized that I hadn't posted anything here for so long!

I've been back in Korea for about three weeks now. The weather's hot and humid but I don't find it as bad as last year. I rarely use the air conditioning even though it's 30c and 90% humidity.

Work is about the same as before. It takes a little getting used to teaching at 6:30am but it's part of my routine.

I've been just getting settled and so on and haven't had time to do much really. I did go to a bar on Texas Street this Wednesday past with my friend Lynn. We went to the place I usually only go for breakfast and coffee, Amby's. The lady who owns it os married to a Norwegian guy named Alfred, they were really nice and they can get sour cream (it's a big deal to find stuff like that around here!)

Anyway, I'll start posting more regularly when I'm more settled next month and have a desk and a chair. Right now my furniture and all my living stuff is locked in the apartment of a couple of friends who are on holiday until August. I packed a "crash box" for my return and left it at the school, it had a couple of pots and a few odds and ends and a generous helping of shorts and Hawaiian shirts. I'm sleepins on a 'yo', a traditional Korean floor sleeping mat. It's kinda rough at first, it's basically just a thin cushion, but after a day or two I feel comfortable on it. It's pretty good for your back, sleeping on the floor.

That's it for now. More later.

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