01 June 2009

Dak: my new favourite chicken restaurant

Here's a picture of the chicken restaurant Dak (dak, is Korean for chicken) which I mentioned a few posts ago. It's not much to look at inside but the chicken is divine and the place has a lot of character. There's a thirty-something chick who runs it. (at right in the photo) I think she's really damned sexy. She's always outside chopping wood and keeping the rotisserie fire going. A woman who smells like wood smoke and roast chicken all the time sounds like the kind of girl I'd wanna marry!

Their chicken is stuffed with steamed rice, roast chestnuts and chinese dates and then roasted over a pine fire in a big smoky oven out front. The chicken is really fragrant and super moist and the skin is crisp and smoky. It's really worth going out of the way to go to this place if you haven't been there before. Even if it takes a twelve hour flight to get there.

They also make an awesome dakdoritang (extremely spicy chicken and potato stew) that has cured a couple of colds I've had in the past.

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