04 June 2009

More Hotpot!

Here are a few more photos from the hotpot dinner. Tae-jeong took these, she's the smiling girl across the table in my own (terribly blurry) photo in the previous post.
I'm not sure where she was when we took the other 'people pictures' at the beach. Maybe trying to put on one of those wetsuits that made us all "look like starship captains", as Se-yeong put it. :D

I really like these people, as I said before, and I'm sure we'll have some more adventures in the future!

My rib muscles are still torn up and I haven't been getting much sleep because I wake up whenever I roll onto my side. They're starting to settle down though. I'll take this as a lesson in stopping an activity when I know I've injured something. I was just having too damn much fun to want to stop though. Bah! It'll be all healed up and forgotten by next week anyway.


  1. hi, I enjoyed reading some of your posts! I was wearing that "star-trek suit" T^T

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed reading them! It's always nice to get some feedback.

    I didn't realize I only had the one blurry photo with you in it until I got back and went through them.

    Next time we have an adventure I'll have to take more photos of everyone!


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