01 April 2011

Writing style

The last post I submitted showed an analysis of my writing style based on some fiction I wrote as part of a role-playing game.

I submitted my last blog post about the near-drowning sea kayaking adventure of Song-jeong Beach and here's the machine verdict:

I write like
Ursula K. Le Guin

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

Oddly enough, I have read and enjoyed a fair bit of her writing.

The J. K. Rowlings stuff I can't explain, I've never read any of her writing, but I have watched the film adaptations.

EDIT: I've thought about it a bit and the primary feature in most Ursula LeGuin writing that stands out for me is the theme of sea journeys. Maybe that's the difference. We all write in different modes. I imagine that Rowling and Leguin don't write in the same style when writing in their journals, or their shopping lists, than they do when they sit down to tell a story.

So I guess my storytelling mode, according to this online 'bot, is most akin to Rowling's style. Depends on the story and the day...


  1. You wrote fiction for a RPG? Anything I may be familiar with? I tried this out as well based on a blog post I wrote about my forays into the computer world and it came up with I write like Douglas Adams. I think I can live with that.

  2. It was just a bunch of 'offstage' stuff I wrote as 'color commentary' for a Shackled City campaign game. Not fiction that was published; this probably falls into the 'fanfic' category ;)

    Here's a link to the scenes:

    They're not great, but they followed the events of the game.


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