10 December 2011

Back to the Beginning

As many of you who might still be following my now-erratic blog already know, Seyoung and I recently returned to Canada, got married and set up house, such as it is.

Things haven't been easy, I didn't think they would be, but it's honestly much harder than I had imagined. It's like I'm redoing it all again from scratch, which is, I suppose, exactly what it is. For the third or fourth time in five or six years, I'm starting (in most ways) from scratch.

Here's to hoping that things get easier.

I'll post periodically about things that went on during the year and a half or so "blackout" prior to now. There were good times and bad, interesting times, photos were taken, adventures were had. I should write them down so I can relive them myself.


  1. So that's what the strange disturbance in the force was, you're back in Canada! Hopefully as you've indicated this blog will get updated more often. ;)

  2. congratulations (if you want some that is)

    any chance to get you back somewhere else?


  3. Hey. I know what its like to start over.

    2002 my wife died. In 2004 I remarried and moverd from Canada to Australia.

    In 2009 my house burned to the ground.

    I will start following your blog.


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