18 June 2012

Lazy Weekend

 No big projects this weekend, we weren't terribly energetic but still managed to try a few new things.  On Saturday I made silver dollar pancakes for brunch, yu choy (we know it as rape) for dinner and laid out a pattern for a box-joint coaster caddy.

We bought yu choy thinking it was gai lan (Chinese Broccoli), they look very similar, but yu choy doesn't have the slight bitter flavour of gai lan.  I think I prefer the gai lan (especially with oyster sauce.)  I stir-fried the yu choy in oil with a pile of garlic (10 cloves!) and steamed it with chicken stock.

Several months ago I went looking for some simple slate coasters, just squares of slate, really.  I was able to find all sorts of hideouosly overpriced ones, usually with 'quaint' touristy stuff on them like puffins, etc.  They cost in the range of $30 - 40 for a set of 4!  Seyoung mentioned that she had seen some in the dollar store, so we picked up a few sets, for the much more reasonable price of $2 /set.

photo from Wikipedia
I was looking for a coaster caddy to keep them in, but couldn't find anything that suited what I had in mind.  Everything was either the wrong size or not what I was looking for.  I wanted to have something like a rice measure (I have a couple of these and there's something appealing about their simplicity.)

Since I wasn't able to find anything, I bought some red cedar planks (for barbecuing) from the dollar store.  These aren't very thick, so I'm not sure how good they'd be for grilling, but they're just about right for making a little box out of.  The wood is pretty hard to work with, it's easy to crush it with hand tools, but I got a decent enough result and made my first finger-jointed box.

On Sunday we got out to feed the ducks at a small pond not far from where we live.  They're pretty tame.

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