12 July 2012

This Week in Food

We bottled our makgeolli on Saturday and drank some on Sunday.  I found a simple recipe for Korean onion pancakes (pajeon) that are traditionally eaten with makgeolli.  Both the makgeolli and the pajeon turned out fantastically well.

On Monday we had ravioli (dried, I haven't had the urge to try making my own) and a simple tomato sauce made with a can of tomatoes, olive oil, salt and chilis.  We had fresh greens from our garden boxes with a simple oil and vinegar dressing.

Seyoung made ssamjang from some pork we had in the fridge and we had a meal of rice and ssamjang wrapped in fresh-picked lettuce for dinner.  And drank the last of our makgeolli, 2 litres only lasts so long...

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