24 August 2012

New Job

Not much posted the past month as I've been on tenterhooks (who says "tenterhooks"?!?) waiting to hear about a new job I interviewed for back in early July.  It took 6 or 7 weeks for them to get it sorted out and I start the new job on 4 September.

Should be a good change, better pay, more in line with my experience and desires in a job than my current position.  Hopefully the change will be smooth and ruckus-free (who says "ruckus"??!)

One of my biggest concerns about coming back to Canada was that I had basically abandoned my IT career when I moved to Korea.  three and a half years away can be the death of a career

My stint in Singapore was a good introduction back into the field, although the outgoing experience with one of my employers there was a petty fiasco that I'd care never to experience again.  All the more shocking, or perhaps it should be less so, because one of the partners was someone I knew for a very long time and assured me that all would be made right.  Not so nice, but at least it's over and I don't care to ever have to deal with that sort of situation again.

I'd had a few leads prior to coming back to Canada, but nothing came of them, except my current job, which although not what I was really looking for, proved to be enough to hang my hat on for a while.

Now I'm back to working for some of the same people I worked for before I left Canada and back working in an academic environment.  Hopefully, I can get back to doing some university courses again.

Here's to future days!


  1. "who says "tenterhooks"/"ruckus"?!?"

    You apparently :)

    Congrats on the new gig. (who says "gig"?!?)


  2. Thanks Bernie! I may be moving across the road from your office sometime in the near future.

  3. ...thereby lowering property values in the area. :-)


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