08 May 2017

Wooden't you like some new stairs?

When we moved in there were some pretty dated things that don't really affect the function of the house but they peg the house solidly as "I was built in the 80's".  Pink carpet on the basement stairs is one of those things. 

The bottom of the stairs has a small landing and turn which serves no function except to face you into the middle of the partially-finished "rec room", so I am of a mind to remove the landing and make the stairs just come straight down.  There was a false wall on hinges on the landing, I've already taken that out and will strip the framing for it later.  Now that the french doors have been installed in the south-facing rooms in the basement, there's a fair bit more daylight in there and when you look down the stairs you can see the light through the door.

Replacing the stairs looked to be a labour-intensive and expensive job.  When I first looked at the cost of oak treads (to match the upstairs flooring) they were $40 per tread.  A couple of weeks ago I found some on sale for $17 per tread.

At some point this year I will begin the process of stripping the carpet off the stairs.  I'll probably finish the steps with tung oil instead of varnish, it seems like it would be easier to refinish and touch up.
Seyoung's study room has peel'n'stick tiles on the floor, making it look a little like a medical exam room.  It's a little better now that the room has been painted.  I'm planning to put down some tongue and groove pine for flooring in there.

The other, greenish-looking wood is for a bed frame for the guest room.  The hardware is sitting on the end.  I've got the legs marked for mortises, it should only take a few hours of work to cut them and then glue up the footboard and headboard.

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