06 June 2017

Garden Box Redux

Some years ago I blogged about building garden boxes from reclaimed pallet wood.  Those garden boxes lasted a couple of years while we lived there and then we moved into an apartment building.

I took last week off as a mini-vacation and did a bunch of stuff around the house, including a new set of garden boxes.  I no longer have easy access to pallets, so we went out to a local sawmill. Ruby Lumber, and got a stack of rough cut spruce boards.

I built the two boxes above in a few hours, they're lined with black vapour barrier sheeting, ballasted with cinder blocks, and have a 2x3 lap-jointed top rail to give them a bit more durability.  The copper mesh around the bottom is copper scouring pad cut into strips and stapled on the deter tha slugs from eating our tasty lettuce.

In the process of moving things around the yard I moved a pile of brush from my pruning madness a couple of weeks ago and found a junco nest.

The nest was in the middle of the yard so I cut around it with a turf cutter and moved it under a tree and replaced the brush.  Hopefully the birds will find it, but I'm not optimistic.

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